Need help drafting:-

an Enduring or General Power of Attorney or revocation?

an Appointment of Enduring Guardian or revocation?

an Advance Care Directive?

Wills, Powers of Attorney, Appointments of Enduring Guardian, Advance Care Directives

Over half of us do not have a will, even fewer have a power of attorney and most of us have never heard of an enduring guardian.

We all want to be financially comfortable in retirement and be able to provide for the people we love, yet many of us pay scant attention to planning for our later years. Retirement might seem a long way off or it all seems too hard so we ignore the problem. But it is never too early to take the time to start planning.

We can advise you about many of the issues we believe you should consider when planning for retirement.

We can help you to avoid common pitfalls in the appointment of an attorney, an enduring guardian or an executor.

We can advise you about:

  1. what you can do about possible claims by potential beneficiaries left out of your will;
  2. nominating a beneficiary of your superannuation entitlements; and
  3. whether jointly owned property and superannuation entitlements form part of your estate.

The more documents you  choose to have drafted, the higher the discount per document.  Couples attract a further discount.

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