Anthony Steel

Anthony Steel, Principal Solicitor at Mid Mountains Legal, completed a Bachelor of Arts in 1982 and a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1988. 

Anthony lived in Newtown from 1991 to 2009. In 1995 he completed a Bachelor of Laws at UTS whilst working at the Australian Catholic University. He was awarded a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and was admitted as a New South Wales legal practitioner in 1998.

Anthony completed his practical legal training with the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions and worked from 1998 to 2000 as a para-legal for the Australian Government Solicitor and the Law Society of NSW.  

Anthony first worked as a solicitor for a Chatswood practice, followed by a year’s sabbatical teaching English in Japan. From 2002 to 2009 Anthony worked as a Family Law solicitor for a firm in Bondi Junction. From 2009 to 2011 he established the Family Law duty solicitor programme at the Hunter Community Legal Centre.  From 2011 to 2018 Anthony worked as a Family Law solicitor for a Penrith legal practice.

Anthony is also entitled to practice as a solicitor and barrister in the High Court of Australia.

Anthony’s involvement in the blue mountains community includes:

  • Committee member of the Blue Mountains Law Society
  • membership of the Hazelbrook Association
  • membership of the Blue Mountains Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Secretary of the Friends of the Mechanics Institute Lawson (FOTMIL); and
  • membership of Central Blue Mountains Rotary.

Anthony does voluntary work for FOTMIL, the Hazelbrook Association, Rotary and the Elizabeth Evatt Community Legal Centre.

Anthony is experienced in several legal areas, in particular Family Law. He is a member of the Legal Aid NSW Family Law panel and accepts legally aided family law matters.

Anthony is an approachable,  empathetic listener. With extensive legal experience, Anthony’s personal characteristics include  a strong work ethic, thoroughness, assertiveness, confidence, determination and persistence.

He assists parties who are willing and able to negotiate a compromise solution to get on with their life.

When a parties-driven compromise seems unattainable, Anthony takes a practical, goal oriented approach, tirelessly working to resolve your legal difficulties.

Whilst remaining open to fair and reasonable settlement proposals, if negotiation or mediation results in a stalemate, Anthony fearlessly enters the fray and vigorously pursues your interests in litigation.

Anthony is acutely aware that people often find involvement in legal proceedings confusing, traumatic, time consuming and prohibitively costly. He aims to minimise the emotional and financial impact on you by listening to you and doing his utmost to expeditiously finalise your matter as painlessly and cost effectively as possible.

Anthony’s applies his skills and expertise to assist you in interpreting the plain English meaning and effect of obscure, complex and confusing legal jargon and procedure.

Advice includes strategy and the potential costs and benefits of choosing to take different paths.

Anthony understands that it is often difficult to find time in your busy day to explain the complexities of your legal problem to him. To help ease your stress, he will meet you by appointment on weekends and out of office hours at either the Lawson or Katoomba office by prior arrangement.

Anthony’s rates for non-legally aided matters are reasonable. Initial phone advice is free of charge and face to face initial advice is charged at a substantially discounted rate. Anthony generally doesn’t charge for reading incoming correspondence or for copies or postage or faxes.

For probate, letters of administration, family provision and certain family law property matters, in the event that you are not in a position to pay professional fees pending payment to you of a payout, Anthony may agree to the deduction of such fees from the payout. Anthony will discuss with you whether your case is in a category where he agrees to deferred payment of professional fees.

Anthony is also willing to assist people who wish to represent themselves in Family Law litigation.

For a modest fee, Anthony will travel to your location to answer your questions and to explain and witness documents such as Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Appointments of Enduring Guardian and Advance Care Directives.

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