Need help dealing with a deceased estate?

Need help claiming your fair share of a deceased estate?

Probate, Letters of administration, Deceased Estates disputes

When a loved one passes away an application for probate or letters of administration must generally be made to the Court before the estate can be administered.

We can help to ease the stress  of having to deal with this process by:

  1. acting for the executor/trustee/administrator of the estate in applying for probate or letters of administration and
  2. once obtained, gathering in and distributing the estate in accordance with the will or intestacy rules so as to avoid a claim against the estate later. 


  1. you have been unfairly left out of a will of your parent, spouse or de-facto (and in some cases your ex-spouse or grand-parent); and
  2. you can satisfy the Court as to your need; and
  3. the value of the deceased estate is sufficient

You may be entitled to lodge a claim for a larger share of the estate.

We can represent you in applying to the Court for a greater share of a deceased estate.

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