What is a Binding Financial Agreement and is it right for me?

Binding financial (pre-nuptial) agreements can be completed at any stage of a relationship or marriage. Lawyers may not be keen on them due to the risk that the Court may set them aside. This article concludes that for many couples their advantages outweigh their disadvantages. https://www.mondaq.com/australia/divorce/708728/binding-financial-agreements-are-they-worth-the-paper-they-are-written-on


How soon can an executor sell estate property?

Executors of a will must wait until probate has been obtained before they can sell the former residence of the deceased (or any other estate property). The following article give s good potted summary of an executor’s duties selling real property forming part of the deceased estate.



Dealing with overseas assets in a Will

If you have assets located overseas you can only distribute them in your will by doing a will in the country in which the assets are located or by doing an international will if the overseas country is one of the few signatories to the Convention providing a Uniform Law on the International Form of a Will 1973. If you have assets overseas here’s a link to an article which you may find helpful https://www.mondaq.com/australia/wills-intestacy-estate-planning/676770/what-impact-does-having-assets-overseas-have-on-your-will

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